Chess N Checkers Pub & Restaurant
  • Ph: 610.264.4131
  • Fax: 610.264.0402
  • 1801 Airport Road
  • Allentown, PA 18109 (Lehigh Valley, PA)
Chess N Checkers

Glazed Sockeye Salmon

Chess-N-Checker Restaurant -  Meat Pie

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Good Food & Great Atmosphere - Review - Aug. 05, 2011 Food Very Good - Review - Feb. 07, 2011 Wonderful Atmosphere - Good Food & Beer - Review - Oct. 03, 2010

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Our Famous Crab Cakes

Best Crab Cakes in PA "Best crab cakes in Pennsylvania" is Chess-N-Checkers' claim to fame, based on 100% jumbo lump crabmeat. Our crab cake has very little filler. The seasoning does not overpower the delicacy of the crab meat. Just enough butter adds to the richness of our homemade crab cakes.